TeQua®-Tronic control device

TeQua®-Tronic is the core of every system. The control unit is characterised by absolutely reliable, precise control technology „MADE IN GERMANY“ and a very user-friendly, intuitive user interface.

Sophisticated and largely automatically reacting safety circuits provide comprehensive protection for your processes and components.
The TeQua®-Tronic measures, controls, regulates and records all conventional heat sources. In addition to TeQua®-Air (heaters), other types of heaters (IR lamps), TeQua® blanket (heating mats), heating films etc. can be used – even simultaneously within the same process.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Microprocessor-controlled, self-optimising multi-channel ramp controller (10 Ramps)
  • Reliable control and logging
  • Multi-stage safety circuits, extensive fault monitoring
  • Up to 12 controlled TeQua®-Air (fan modules) can be connected
  • Up to 256 sensors (Ni/CrNi or Fe/CuNi) type J, K, L, Pyrometer thermocouples as well as customer-specific types can be connected
  • Control accuracy +/- 0.8 ° C to 200 ° C Process temperature
  • LAN and WLAN capable
  • USB connection
  • Standard 7 thermocouples integrated into the controller, monitored and logged, expandable up to 256
  • Control of heating mats and IR lamps as well as other heat sources – even simultaneously with the same process
  • Multi-stage overheating protection
  • Vacuum monitoring (optional with active control)
  • Optional control of humidity possible for active air-conditioning
  • Industrial interfaces optional
  • Capacity of 2kW to 32kW