Heating mats TeQua®-Blanket, IR / heat emitters TeQua®-IR & Co

Heating mats from the TeQua® Cure system are specially fused and can be monitored separately at critical points. This important protection is integrated by default in the TeQua®-Blankets. Unwanted heat drains, hotspots or problems caused by exothermia can thus be easily avoided.

Our portfolio offers the optimal solution for every heat requirement:

  • Standard heating mats
  • Individually adapted heating mats
  • Film heaters
  • Radiant heater

Contour-close temperature control & all-round heating

The open design of the TeQua®-Tronic enables users to use different heat sources for heating all surfaces of very complex component geometries on all sides. This makes it possible to combine the advantages of a highly accurate warm air heating with the simplicity of a heating mat so that undesirable heat drains, hot spots or problems caused by exothermia are simply avoided or no longer adversely affect the process.

Optimal temperature management

In order to achieve a local heat cure without stress and in a shorter cycle time, a heating tool should be configured to meet the specific requirements. When hybrid materials are used in combination with CFRP, thermal bridges and/or hot spots are often created as a result of the different temperature heat properties when incorrectly using conventional heating mats, which can lead to the destruction of the component.