Quick drying

Our systems ensure a significant reduction of drying and curing times and thus speed up your production. We offer specially adapted products and services that meet all requirements for a complete process control and quality requirements:

  • Equipment for accelerated curing of fibre composite materials and auxiliaries
    (e.g., shim or sealant materials)
  • Hot air boxes (TeQua®-WAB) for CFK reworking
  • Facilities for mobile CFRP repair
  • Out-of-autoclave heat treatment equipment

We offer a special advantage through combination of various heat sources and surrounding factors. This is, for example, the accelerated curing of adhesive and sealing compounds, whose curing time can be reduced by 60-80% without any problems under optimal climatic conditions.

Learn what TeQua®-Cure can do for you under TeQua®-Shim (acceleration through process heat) and TeQua®-Clima (acceleration through micro-climate control).

Erfahren Sie unter TeQua®-Shim (Beschleunigung durch Prozesswärme) und TeQua®-Clima (Beschleunigung durch Mikroklimatisierung) im Detail, was TeQua®-Cure für Sie leisten kann.