Product and project examples

The TeQua® Cure technology makes it possible to realise very different projects and requirements:

  • Realisation of various furnace systems for the rework in the production of large CFRP components
  • Realisation of furnaces for the simultaneous drying of large quantities of GRP components
  • Realisation of hot air ducts for accelerated drying of binding elements
  • Reconstruction of existing furnace systems to use the advantages of TeQua®-Tronic
  • Realisation of sophisticated through-flow systems
  • GE NX Trans cladding (Lufthansa Technik)
  • Plenum SA & LR (Lufthansa Technik)
TeQua®-Cure Rework and repair technologies and methods are qualified at Airbus and are already used on the following components:

  • Landing flaps of A320 family, A400M
  • Pressure bulkhead A330, A340 and A380
  • Vertical tail A320, A330, A350, A380, A400M
  • Wing shells A350, A400M
  • Fuselage shell A350
  • Radom A320
  • Helicopter rotor blades EC135 and EC 145